Useful Links

Since the Brexit vote, people have been coming together and forming local and national groups to campaign for the UK to have the closest possible links with Europe. Somerset LOVES Europe is one of many pro-European groups – see below for some links to a few of these groups. For a more comprehensive list please see the Scientist for EU website.

There are also many groups that promote tolerance and challenge hate and extremism.  We have included links to some of these groups.

If you know of other groups, particularly those that are local to Somerset, then please let us know (using the contacts form on the about page) and we’ll add them to the list.

National Groups
Britain for Europe
The European Movement
Open Britain
Environmentalists for Europe
Creatives for Europe
Students for Europe
Scientists for EU

South West Groups
Bristol for Europe
Salisbury for Europe
Bath for Europe

Other Groups
All Kinds of Frome
HOPE not hate
Stop Funding Hate