Supporting the March

Would you like to be marching with us but can’t get to London on Saturday? Here are some ideas of what you can do:

You can donate to the costs of the march here. If we make a profit, then we can use the extra to print new leaflets, hire venues for public meetings, etc. We will carry a banner with the names of all of the people who would like to be with us but can’t. We’ll put your name in a position of honour on it! Alternatively, email us to add your name.

Sand / Field Art

Groups around the country will be getting together to create open-air art to send a message to Westminster. Thanks to Cornwall for Europe for this great idea.

Would you like to have a final say on how we leave the EU, or whether we should leave at all, but can’t be at the ‘Put it to the People’ march in London on Saturday 23 March? You can join us by going to your local beach at low tide on that day and drawing our simple message in the sand. If you don’t have access to a beach, any open land where you have access (don’t trespass, please) will do. Find something that you can arrange; apples, cider bottles, twigs …

Here’s what to do:

  1. First check the low tide time for your local beach. If possible, go for a beach overlooked by a high point from which someone can take photos.
  2. Write ‘Put It To The People’ in the sand (using a stick or blunt ended instrument) in a square-ish layout:




  • Around this message draw a circle. Then on the circle draw 12 equally separated dots to suggest the stars of the EU flag. A hand drawn circle is fine, but a stick and piece of string can make a homemade compass if you fancy giving it a go.
  • If you have time, instead of dots you can try drawing the EU’s 12 five-pointed stars (easiest way to do this is to draw a three pointed arrow overlaid by an upside down triangle – see diagram).
  • Under the circle, please write our website address in the sand:
  • Then snap your message and share it on the Somerset LOVEs Europe Facebook Group (we can share it from there on our public page). Tweet it to @somerset4europe with #marchingwithsomersetloveseurope or send it to us .  Copy in @Cornwall4EU too; it was their idea.

We think this visual, widely shared message from our beaches and fields will be a powerful complement to the march itself, so please do join in if you can!

Wear a Yellow Rose

If you know someone from the EU-27 and are glad they are here, send them a message of friendship and use the hashtag #yellowrose. Find out more here.

Rally in Frome

The Green Party is organising a rally in Frome on the 23rd. They say “Gather above the Boyles Cross to show our support for a Peoples Vote, for those that can’t get to London – bring placards! “