Put it to the People March, 23rd March

Stop press: we have booked a third coach, and so have seats available again! Book on our Ticket Tailor page.

The March

On the 23rd March, just six days before the Government hopes to take Britain out of the EU, hundreds of thousands of people will march on Parliament offering a solution to a crisis that threatens their living standards, businesses and jobs. We demand a People’s Vote, and come 23 March, it could be a case of now or never.  We will be congregating from 12pm, high noon in Park Lane, and marching to Parliament Square to make our voices heard. Our demand is a simple one: that any Brexit is put the people so that we can have the final say. This will be a day to tell your grandchildren about.
At the time of writing, the number of people booking transport is much bigger than the numbers at this stage for the march last October, and that was the second largest march in living memory. So this really is going to be enormous.


We are now running three coaches from Somerset, two starting from Taunton, one stopping at Yeovil and Wincanton, and the other stopping in Wells, Shepton Mallet and Frome, and the third starting in Frome. So if you tried to book earlier and we were full, try again now. You can book tickets from here.

We will update this page as the details are refined, so please keep checking here for new information.

See here for details of other ways of getting to the march.

The  coaches leave at the following times:

Please arrive before those times, so that we can leave on time!

Please bring:

  • Water and food
  • Flagpoles and flags (we are bringing spare flags too)
  • Placards, Peoples’ Vote T shirts etc
  • A map of central London (or satnav)
  • Your mobile phone to keep in touch if we get split up
  • A big smile!

The coaches are being supplied by Berry’s, who are being very helpful. Their coaches are of an excellent standard. There are toilets on board, so we won’t be making any stops on the journey. Bring your own on-board refreshments; no hostess trolley, I’m afraid!

Coaches 1 and 2 will stop at the Euro Coach Park, 150 Bayswater Rd, Kensington, London W2 4RT, in the north-west corner of Hyde Park, at 11.30. They will remain parked there all day.
Coach 3 will drop off as close to the march as possible, probably on Bayswater Road.
You will be able to leave things on board all three coaches

Coaches 1 and 2 will leave from the Euro Car Park on Bayswater Road at 5.30 pm sharp
Coach 3 will pick up from Millbank, Horseferry Road Area at 5.00 pm sharp. This could be adjusted on the day, so listen carefully for announcements on the journey to London.

The coach drivers have limited driving hours by law, so if you get to the coach park after that time, you will be left behind.
We expect to be back in Taunton after 9 p.m.

Meeting and Marching

We will assemble in the south-east corner of Hyde Park, by Achilles’ Statue, at around 12:00. See map above. It is a pleasant 40 minute walk across Hyde Park, or you can catch the tube at Queensway to Hyde Park Corner, or busses along Bayswater Road to Marble Arch, and then down Park Lane to Hyde Park Corner.

We will be carrying Somerset flags (red wyvern on yellow ground) on tall flagpoles, so look out for those.

For more information about why we are marching and how it will make a difference, see here.
Don’t forget to sign the petition on the People’s Vote site, and write to your MP.

Organisation and Safety

Last October’s march was very well organised, and this one will be even better. There will be more relay screens, so we should all get to see and hear the speeches. It will be safe and happy; in October, with 700,000 of us, the police made no arrests at all! The organisers are doubling the number of security people around the march.
There have been various stories circulating on social media about Leave supporters trying to block motorways and so on. The same stories circulated before the October march, and nothing happened. Just the trolls up to their tricks.
And no rain forecast!

Mobile phone access is likely to be tricky, with so many people there. Try texting rather than phoning. You could try using open wi-fi services, such as BT’s FON, if you have access to them. You might need to download an app before the march.

What if it is Cancelled?

It is now extremely unlikely that anything will stop the march going ahead, but if it is cancelled, we will refund the cost of the ticket minus any unavoidable costs. We anticipate such a refund being approximately 90% of the ticket price if earlier than the 21st March, and 45% if the march is cancelled after that time. We cannot guarantee the amounts of refund.

Supporting the March

If you want to support the march, but can’t come to London on Saturday, check out our Supporting the March page for ideas of what you can do where you are.