People’s Vote March, 20th October

Brexit negotiations are taking us towards a future that nobody voted for…
We have nine months to make our voices heard and have a say on what Britain’s future looks like.

Our best bet for stopping Brexit is currently the People’s Vote campaign. There will be a march to support it in London on Saturday 20th October, and it’s going to be huge! We are running a coach from Taunton, stopping off in Frome. You can book seats:
from Taunton, here,
from Frome, here.

The coach filled up, so we were able to order an even bigger one. But be quick, the new seats are filling fast too!
There are no more coaches available from Taunton for Saturday (we’ve asked all the companies). If you can’t get a ticket from the links above and you would like to join us, email us, and we will try to put you in touch with other people travelling from this area, to get some car-loads together or give you company on the train.

The  coach leaves Taunton, Tangier Car Park, Castle St, TA1 4AY, at  06:45, and leaves Frome Station car park at 08:00 . Please arrive before those times, so that we can leave on time! We expect to be back in Frome around 8 p.m., and Taunton a little after 9 p.m.

Please bring:

  • Water and food
  • Flagpoles and flags (we are bringing spare flags too)
  • Placards, Peoples’ Vote T shirts etc
  • A map of central London so you don’t get lost!
  • Your mobile phone to keep in touch if we get split up
  • A big smile!

We will be dropped off on Bayswater Road north of Hyde Park at 11.30, and assemble at the east side of Hyde Park north of the Hilton Hotel. See map below. The coach will remain parked on Bayswater Road all day.

We will leave from the same place at 5.30 pm

Some Somerset people are coming by other transport routes. We will meet them at Reformers Tree in Hyde Park at 11:45 (assuming that the coach arrives on time!)