Building Bridges in Bruton

On Friday the 20th January, the day Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America, residents of Somerset and beyond gathered on the Packhorse Bridge in Bruton.

The reasons for coming together were diverse but the simple message was one of hope: Let us build Bridges not Walls.

We came to express their concerns about the recent events in American politics. Many of us came to show support for remaining in the European Union, or the importance of protecting our planet. Some came to support minority groups, such as refugees, or to show the need to reduce conflict and division in the world. What is clear is that we all came together to send a message of solidarity, cooperation, peace and hope around the globe. We are all citizens of the same planet and need to work together for both present and future generations.

Our message to the American people (the majority did not vote for Donald Trump) is that you are not alone.

Many thanks to those who braved the cold to join us. Thanks to our photographer. Thanks to those that sent us messages of support but were unable to attend. A massive thanks to Bridges not Walls for their support (take a look at their website to see many inspiring bridges throughout the UK).

There are many events that are happening throughout this weekend including the Women’s March in London and many throughout the globe. There is Hope.

Build Bridges Not Walls

“Let us build bridges rather than barriers, openness rather than walls. Rather than borders, let us look at distant horizons together in a spirit of acceptance, helpfulness, cooperation, peace, kindness and especially love.” – Martin Luther King.

Please join us to show solidarity with all citizens of the world and to stand up to those that propagate lies, hatred and division.

On the 20th on January, at 4pm, we will join the Bridges Not Walls movement and display our banner on the Packhorse Bridge in Bruton. Please come along, bring your friends and family, and extend the hand of friendship to those within our community and beyond.

If you cannot join us in Bruton there are many other events throughout the UK (including one in Taunton). There are also many beautiful bridges so why not create your own banner and join the movement.

Next Meeting

We hope you will be able to join us at The Castle in Bruton this Wednesday, 21st, at 7.30 pm. We are planning a relaxed get-together to discuss some great ideas for the new year.

Please join us in our campaign by writing to your MP (more information here) to tell them that we believe the UK’s interests are best served by staying in the EU. Please also sign the petition asking the Government to share the plans for Brexit.

If we don’t see you on Wednesday night we wish you a very happy Christmas and new year.

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Signs Spotted Supporting Judges

i-am-not-the-people-brutonThese intriguing signs were spotted in Bruton, Somerset this morning.

The words “I am not the people. You are not my enemy. Judge freely”  have been scrawled across a copy of the Daily Mail’s “Enemies of the People” article. It is ‘signed’ by ‘The Minority’. The Daily Mail’s newspaper article was controversially published after the High Court Judges ruled that our democratically elected MPs should have a say in the Brexit process. For a newspaper to declare that the Judges, who are simply ruling on a question of Law, are our enemies is extremely concerning. It is also unjustifiable; the judges simply ruled that legally Parliament should vote before triggering Article 50 as once enacted our rights are reduced. In no way did the judges attempt to influence how parliament should vote. Such newspaper articles are written to intimidate and also incite hatred and as such we support the campaigns of Stop Funding Hate.


We would love to hear from you if you know anything about these signs. How long have they been up?  Who put them up? Who is/are ‘The Minority’? Are the signs only in Bruton or in other Towns/Cities? If you do see any other signs (or similar) then please send us a photo (contact on the about page).