And the People Marched …

What a wonderful turn out at the People’s March for Europe in London on Saturday 9th September, including a group from Somerset Loves Europe. It was very inspiring to meet so many people that are passionate about maintaining a positive and constructive relationship with Europe. A big thank you to the organisers, the speakers, all those who attended and those who showed their support. Here is the report of the march from the BBC news. We are putting together a photo gallery from the day so please email us your photographs.

Although summer may be over, the political temperature is hotting up again and Brexit is front and central on the national political agenda, both in Westminster and at the forthcoming party conferences. It’s important that pro-Europeans make our voices heard. So don’t miss out on the next big events including Bournemouth, Brighton and the really big one in Manchester.

So next up it is Bournemouth  …

People’s March for Europe

The People’s March for Europe is happening this Saturday in London.

There are many other events happening throughout the autumn. Please attend as many as possible to make your voice heard. Here are just a few …

Sunday 17th September – Liberal Democrats Party Conference – Bournemouth
Sunday 24th September – Labour Party Conference – Brighton
Sunday 1st October – Conservative Party Conference – Manchester
Saturday 14th October – Regional Rallies – Bristol and other locations

Bath for Europe and Bristol for Europe are organising transport to some of the above so please contact them if this helps with your travel arrangements.

Cadbury Castle – Europe Day Picnic

Thanks to all those who joined us at Cadbury Castle for our Europe Day picnic. The weather was perfect with the rain showers avoiding us. The scenery was stunning and the company great. The treasure hunt proved suitably challenging so well done to all those that took part. We have added a few photographs to our photo gallery (if you have any others please email them to us and we’ll add them).

Next year we will be celebrating Europe Day again so please send us your suggestions for the best picnic site in Somerset.

Manifesto for Europe

With a General Election looming, it is important that all those who do not want to see Brexit happen to our country and our children’s futures, who do not believe that democracy ended on 23 June 2016, and who believe that the right thing for the UK to do is to remain in the EU, get their voices heard, and unite behind a shared banner.

Britain for Europe has launched a Manifesto for Europe to provide a rallying cry and a point of reference for all those who care about democracy, human rights, and fundamental values. We want as many people as possible, including all the political parties, to sit up and take notice.

  • Please visit and, a) click on the “Like” button at the bottom, and b) share it widely with friends, family, and contacts through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and more – we want to reach as many people as possible.
  • Ask your Parliamentary candidates to endorse it – if not, which statements do they disagree with?

The EU is about much more than trade deals. British values are European values. It’s time we, civil society, said so loud and clear.

Europe Day Celebrations

Throughout the UK picnics are being organised to celebrate Europe Day. We have chosen the historic Cadbury Castle, reputed home of the legendary King Arthur, as our picnic location. Please join us on Sunday 14th May to celebrate peace and unity throughout Europe. Please invite your family and friends, bring your favourite picnic food and let’s celebrate Europe.

For more information please see the poster or send us an email.

For more information about Europe Day Picnics in other areas please see the Greenwich For Europe website.

Unite for Europe

We thank everyone who travelled to join over 100,000 others at the much-needed and inspiring Unite for Europe march in London. We loved meeting everyone from Somerset – both on the coach, wonderfully organised by Frome Labour for Europe, and those who found our banner during the day. We cannot imagine a more positive and appropriate way to celebrate of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome.

We have put together a photo gallery of a few of the images from the march. If you would like to add your photographs to the gallery then please email them to us.

On Wednesday 29 March 2017, Theresa May  triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty – the single most destructive political act of almost all of our lifetimes. If we believe that the future of both Britain and Europe will be better (more peaceful and prosperous) standing together, then the people of Somerset must be brave enough to say so! We warmly invite everyone who has already discovered Somerset LOVEs Europe to encourage all of your pro-European Somerset friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbours to join us here.

The march goes on …

The Unite for Europe March is going ahead as planned!
This is a statement from Britain for Europe…

“As you will already have heard, the march organisers have confirmed with the police that it can and will go ahead. Britain for Europe remains committed to the march because we believe the importance of continuing with planned activities following the vicious attack in Westminster and the commitment of so many people to the march outweighs other considerations. We have asked the organisers to observe a one minute silence in memory of those who lost their lives, and all those who have suffered injuries both physical and psychological.”

The email issued by European Movement yesterday was poorly worded, as it may have insinuated that the march was cancelled, this was never the case. They have since clarified with a further email.

We would encourage all of our members to join in with the minutes silence. Another idea that has gained popularity on social media is to bring a flower to lay down in remembrance of the events of earlier in the week. Whilst there are a lot of merits to this idea, please do restrict it to one flower and not bunches. The practicalities of this happening on a large march remain to be seen.

There are a few coach tickets still available departing from Frome Station at 7:30 am.

We know its short notice, but if you would like to join us please  email us a matter of urgency.

We have a pre-march meeting point in London, at Wellington Arch in the middle of the Hyde Park Corner junction, for those on our coach and those travelling by other means to meet up.

In London

The nearest tube station to our meeting point at Wellington Arch is Hyde Park Corner.

Departure time for the coach from London will be 6:00 pm.
The departure point will be decided by the coach driver on the day depending on the conditions.

We look forward to seeing you on the march.

Who’s going to the march?

Are you going to the Unite for Europe march in London on Saturday the 25th of March? If so, please join us and others from Somerset. We are meeting at the Wellington Arch (W1J 7JZ) between 10 and 10:30. If you would like to get in touch, prior to Saturday, just drop us an email. There is also a coach leaving Frome railway station at 7:30am.

Sixty years ago in Rome, the foundations were laid for the Europe that we know today, ushering in the longest period of peace in written history in Europe. The Treaties of Rome established a common market where people, goods, services and capital can move freely and created the conditions for prosperity and stability for European citizens. For 60 years Europe has had a Union that promotes peaceful cooperation, respect of human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality and solidarity among European nations and peoples. On the anniversary, 25th March, lets celebrate 60 years of peace, the achievements of the EU and also send a message that we wish to remain EU citizens.

Clean Beaches and Beach Art

During the 1970s, and into the 1980s, many of our beaches were highly polluted as raw sewage was pumped directly into our seas. EU directives (Bathing Water Directives 1976 and 2006) have ensured that water and waste companies have had to implement major improvements. Today 91% of the UK’s designated bathing waters are considered good or excellent.  This has been wonderful for coastal tourism and also for marine wildlife.

To celebrate the effect of these EU directives Somerset LOVE’s Europe will be creating a work of art on one of Somerset’s stunning beaches. Please get in contact if you would like to help us with this art work.