February Newsletter

January and the first part of February have been very busy for Somerset Loves Europe. Please take a look at our newsletter to see what we have been up to, how you can help and future events.

We have several street stalls planned over the next few weeks. Please do come along and say hello – if you are able to help then please get in contact. Also, please let us know if you would like some leaflets to deliver in your area.

Summary of forthcoming events for February. Please see the newsletter for full details.

Saturday 9th Crewkerne 10.30 – 13.00Street Stall – Falkland Square
Monday 11th
Wells 7:00 – 8.30pmJoint meeting with European Movement Mendip Branch.
Thursday 14thLondonall dayStand with SODEM
Saturday 16th Bridgwater TBCStreet Stall

Taunton Street stall – Saturday 19th January

We are running another People’s Vote stall this Saturday morning in Taunton 10:30-1:00 on the High Street. Please do come along and say hello and give us your opinions. If you would like to help out for an hour or so  then please get in-touch. Now is the time to seize the opportunity to deliver a positive message to the people of Taunton that there is a way forward out of this mess.  We have to make our voices heard at this critical and historic moment!

Yeovil street stall, Labour policy comments

We are running a street stall together with European Movement this Saturday (12th Jan) in Yeovil, from 10:00 to 13:00, on Middle Street, opposite the entrance to the Quedam, just above Waterstones. We need a few more people to help. If you have never done it before, it’s very rewarding; it’s a good way to make a real difference. Please contact us if you can help.

One of the main obstacles to stopping Brexit right now is the position of Jeremy Corbyn, so we need to do what we can to change that. Their policy forum website has a proposal on this subject, inviting comments. You don’t have to be a party member to comment, but you do have to register on the site. It’s worth a try.

Happy New Year!

Street stalls & that bus

Street Stalls

We need help with our street stalls in Taunton tomorrow (Thursday) and on Saturday (at a place to be decided). Please let us know if you can spare a few hours to share your views with the general public. People are very friendly, even the hardened Brexiteers, so now’s your chance to make a difference.

Bollocks to Brexit Bus

The bus will be at the Cheese & Grain in Frome from 11:45 on Saturday. Looks like it will be quite an event. More information here.


The more the sorry saga of Brexit goes on, the more hope we have that it can be stopped. But now is not the time to rest: we need to push harder than ever to save the UK from this nonsense.

London Rally Postponed

We have just received an email from People’s Vote: “Today the Prime Minister has announced that she is postponing the most important vote in the House of Commons for a generation because she knows she cannot secure a Parliamentary majority for her proposed Brexit deal. Therefore we are unfortunately postponing our rally in Parliament Square tomorrow.


Big day tomorrow (probably)

Rally in London Tomorrow (Tuesday 11th)

There’s going to be a big rally in London tomorrow, 5 p.m. in Parliament Square, when the big vote is planned in Parliament (I assume the demo will still go ahead if the vote is postponed). There isn’t a Somerset Loves Europe coach for this one, but Devon for Europe are running a coach from Exeter.
If you are thinking of going and would like to car-share, or have company on the train, get in touch with us by email, and we will try to co-ordinate transport.
We will post more information as it emerges.

Taunton Street Stall

Despite the damp, we had some good robust discussions in Taunton High Street on Saturday. I was touched by the depth of the passion of the people opposed to Brexit, and I was actually encouraged that Brexit supporters were prepared to come and make their case and debate with us. I don’t know if we can change people’s attitude to Europe overnight, but the economic argument is starting to hit home. The results of the Brexitometer are pretty clear:

Brexitometer, Taunton, Saturday 8 December

The next Street Stall is this Thursday morning, 09:00 to 13:00. Do please join us if you can.


Crunch Time in Parliament

AnchorCrunch time in parliament: write to your MP (again)

Unless you have been hiding under a bush for the last couple of weeks (is there any room for me?!), you will be aware that parliament votes on Mrs May’s proposed Brexit deal this coming Tuesday. There is a good chance that it will be rejected by parliament, but we need to make sure. Our MPs need to know how we feel, so now is the time to write to them; if you have already written, write again today.
The Somerset MPs are:

Bridgwater & West Somerset Ian Liddell-Grainger – Conservative
Taunton Deane Rebecca Pow – Conservative 
Yeovil Marcus Fysh – Conservative 
Wells James Heappey – Conservative
Somerset & Frome David Warburton – Conservative
North Somerset Dr Liam Fox – Conservative 

Our research suggests that Rebecca Pow, James Heappey and David Warburton could be persuaded to vote against the proposed deal, and even support a People’s Vote if enough people show their support. Liddell-Grainger, Fysh and Fox are more “hard right”, and less likely to support another referendum, but even they will do what they need to protect their political futures, so it’s worth writing to all of them.

Polling commissioned by Avaaz shows that Britain overwhelmingly rejects Theresa May’s Brexit deal, and wants MPs to vote it down in Parliament.
63% of people with a view say they don’t want the deal if it makes us poorer, as the government says it will. And 70% want MPs to vote it down if they don’t feel it’s in our interest.

AnchorBollocks to Brexit bus in Somerset

Look out for a big yellow bus with a bold statement!
It will be in Somerset on Saturday week (15th December).

09:00: Bournemouth
12:00: Frome
13:00: Bath
15:15: Bristol

Street StallsAnchor
We will be in Taunton High Street again tomorrow (Saturday 8th), from 10.30 to 2:00 pm., and on Thursday (13th) 09:00 to 1:00 pm. If you can spare the time from your Christmas shopping to help, you will be most welcome. Otherwise, do drop by to say hello.
We are also planning a street stall on the following Saturday (15th). We haven’t decided where yet, but please email us if you can help.

National Action Day
The People’s Vote organisation is holding a National Action day tomorrow (Saturday 8th December). See here to see how you can help. Our Taunton Street Stall (see above) is our contribution.

Yeovil Street Stall

We will be running a People’s Vote stall on Middle Street Yeovil from 10.30 until 1 where we will be handing out leaflets, conducting a Brexitometer and hopefully, encouraging people to write to MPs. We will be meeting by the entrance to the Quedam that is just above Waterstones bookshop.  There is an empty shop just opposite there.  It would be really great if you could join us and pass this information on.  We would love to see you if anyone could come and help.

Our last street stall in Taunton was a great success.